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Motorsport Mind

What is the motorsport mind? It's the ability, to feel calm, relaxed and confident on demand. It's the ability to control your focus and concentration and apply it where and when it's needed.

It's the ability bounce back from challenges, reduce performance anxiety and achieve the "flow" state of effortless high performance on demand.

The Missing Skill

Mental skills development and performance can be the missing skill. The "difference that makes the difference" in your results and performance.

Many athletes spend hours and days in the gym developing their physical fitness. They invest money and time testing, training and on track days honing their reactions, techniques and motor skills.

Improve Performance

Developing your mental skills improves your performance. It builds resilience, reduces stress and anxiety.

It helps improve your clarity of thought and critical thinking in high stress and focus environment. Improve your concentration and wellbeing. Manage your mood and improve your performance and ability to manage your "flow" state.

Improving your Mind, Improving your Performance


Ultimately, if you are not dedicating any time to your 'mental fitness' or your 'mental skills development' you are not performing at 100% of your potential.



About Motorsportmind and Motorsport Mind Coach Greg McColl

I am an International Personal & Mental Skills Development Coach and Motorsport Mind Coach.

Working with drivers, riders, athletes and personnel in the world of sport and motorsport in Formula 1, Formula 3 & 4, BTCC - British Touring Cars, BSB - British Superbikes, JWC - Mini Challenge, WSBK - World Supersport, AMA Arenacross, Karting, FIA European Rally, Porsche Supercup & Porsche Carrera Cup, and European Le Mans and also in Premiership Rugby, PGA Golf & Darts

Helping develop resilience, focus and mental skills. In addition, I also work with high performance/high-stress individuals, entrepreneurs and in business mindset coaching.

As a motorsport mind coach, I teach tools, techniques, and methods to manage stress, focus, performance, motivation, and resilience and teach you how to incorporate those into your own performance.

Getting in Touch

Interested in working with me? To find out more contact me for a confidential, informal chat, to discover how I can help you.