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Helping Maximise & Optimise Mental Performance for Better Results


Keep your mind on track- deal with distractions & "mental noise" so you can do what you do best.

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Discover & learn practical, effective tools to enable you to perform when you need, to on demand..

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Learn how to understand & manage yourself. Deal with stress and control emotions.

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Improve understanding and communication for better performance on & off the track.

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Motorsport Mental Skills Performance Development - Specialist Motorsport Mind Coaching

Improving your Mind, Improving your Performance



Ultimately you need to dedicate time to your 'mental fitness' and your 'mental skills development' or you are not fulfilling or performing at 100% of your potential.


What other top drivers and riders are saying...

  • Thanks for all your help over these past couple of years... Its now a massive part of my racing, prep and I now understand the importance better of - I'm the biggest difference, Not the bike. If I'm right...the bike's right.

  • I cannot believe the difference it made this time.
    I was completely in control of how I was feeling and was totally relaxed when normally I would have been stressing.
    The difference it made in my driving goes without saying… can’t believe it and nor can anyone else!! Thanks so much again.

  • I’ve worked with Greg at motorsportmind for the last three seasons.
    When I approached Greg I, like many drivers, was struggling with pre-race nerves and confidence.
    Greg educated me on the importance of mental skills, preparation, and gave me actionable exercises to improve my mindset.  These made me faster on track, helped me in my personal life/career, and now I’ve never enjoyed racing more.

  • Working with Greg from motorsportmind was a game-changer for my racing career. His unique approach to mental toughness not only helped me focus better on the track but also taught me how to handle pressure like a seasoned pro.

    Since starting the sessions, I've seen a remarkable improvement in my performances. Highly recommend to any driver or rider looking to up their game! Thanks G!

Are Your Mental Skills Limiting Your Results...?

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Karting, European Le Mans to Formula 1 - no matter your level or series, the best drivers and riders. work on and develop all aspects of their race craft and skills, including the vital skills of focus, concentration and mental resilience. Get "the edge" and improve your "mental fitness" in your racing by working with one of motorsports top specialist mind coaches, Greg McColl.


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2024 sees the continued development of the new iOS /Android  & PWA app for drivers and riders launched to give you even more support and help you develop your mental skills. 

Giving you access to resources, mp3s and videos as well as your own personal notes, mp3s and videos created for you by Greg to give you easy instant access to the tools you need to develop and improve your racing mental skills. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and downloading the app or you can download the PWA app by scanning the QR code.

NEW - 'Free Tier' App Access

The new 'Free Tier' within the exclusive driver and rider app now gives anybody the opportunity to access free resources to help you get started with your racing mental skills. You'll get access to free monthly free video topics and resources.

 You can find out more by visiting the  Google Play Store or Apple App Store and downloading the app or you can download the PWA app .

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Get Organised...

Take Control of Your Race Weekend

One of the best ways to get a real feeling of control is to be organised, to have a plan.

Too many drivers and riders go into their weekend not knowing the schedule, when the safety briefings are, when they'll eat, what free time they have, what time their media commitments are.

Too many drivers and riders go into their race weekend with a plan...other than "we'll see how it goes".

Every extra thing you can do that your competitor doesn't gives you the edge, so download my FREE race weekend planner and watch the user guide on how to get the very best from the planner and yourself on your next race weekend.

  • Get Organised
  • Know What's Happening & When
  • Set a Personal Skill to Focus On
  • Set Aside "Time for You" on Your Weekend
  • Develop Skills Throughout Your Season


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I am an International Personal & Mental Skills Development Coach and Motorsport Mind Coach.

For more than 10 years I've been working with drivers, riders, athletes and personnel in the world of sport and motorsport in FIA Formula 1, Formula-E, Formula 3 & 4, UAE F4, Extreme-E Racing, FIA WRC, British GT, GTWC,  BTCC - British Touring Cars, ELMS, US Indycar, ADAC GT4, Thai Asia Super Series GT, SxS Racing USA, BSB - British Superbikes, MotoGP - Moto3, IOM TT,  Enduro, JWC - Mini Challenge, WSBK - World Supersport, AMA Arenacross, Karting - WSK / CIK & Super One, FIA European Rally, Porsche Supercup & Porsche Carrera Cup, Britcar, Coolfab and Enduro. I also work with athletes in Premiership Rugby, PGA Golf.

I help drivers and riders develop their racing and motorsport 'psychology', their racing mental fitness and strength, Improving resilience, focus and mental skills. 

As a Motorsport Mind Coach, I teach psychological tools, techniques, and methods to manage stress, focus, performance, motivation, resilience and communication and how to incorporate those into your own performance working with those just starting their racing all the way to Champions.

I also work with high performance / high-stress individuals, entrepreneurs and in business mindset coaching using the same high performance mental skills.