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Monthly Update - Apr 2024

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October's Exclusive Driver & Rider Topic Videos...

Last Month's Driver & Rider Topics...

Every week my driver and rider clients get an exclusive weekly topic video on a racing mental skills related topic - below is a summary of some of the ideas & takeaways and from this month's videos... 

Here's some brief summaries of what we've been exploring last month..

Staying Solution Focused...

Greg, delves into the powerful concept of being solution focused. He explores the importance of not getting trapped in the problems but instead focusing on the solutions to keep moving forward positively. From understanding the role of our brain's reticular activating system to managing emotions and staying calm, Greg provides insightful strategies for staying solution focused in racing and in life. He shares practical tools such as the positivity ratio, creating air gaps, fostering creativity, and using perceptual positions, all culminating in the ultimate goal of progress and improvement. 


Greg examines the often overlooked yet crucial concept of consistency in motorsport performance. He delves into various aspects where consistency plays a pivotal role, from fitness and simulation practice to diet, sleep, mental skills, emotions, and continual learning. Greg offers insightful perspectives on how consistency contributes to building competence, certainty, and ultimately, confidence in driving or riding. He encourages drivers and riders to evaluate their own consistency in various areas, emphasizing the significance of this trait in achieving peak performance.

Purposeful Proper Practice

Greg delves into the concept of purposeful proper practice. He discusses the importance of having a clear agenda and desired outcomes when engaging in practice, highlighting the need for structured and disciplined approaches. Greg provides examples of how purposeful proper practice can be applied across various aspects of motorsport performance, including technical skills, physical fitness, and mental tools. Drivers & riders are encouraged to reflect on their current practices and consider how they can apply these principles to drive improvement and progress. 

A Pre Season Top 5

Greg, dives deep into the essentials that drive performance on the track. We start by checking our mental preparedness; followed by the critical role of sleep in reaction times and decision-making. Then, Greg takes us through his "three pillars of performance" — technical, physical, and mental—urging drivers, riders and racers in motorsport to set goals and prepare in all areas. He spotlights the importance of mental skills with his pre-performance process, and finally, Greg focuses on the need for consistency in every aspect of racing performance not just on track but off track too.

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Improving your mental skills will improve your resilience, your ability to focus, make the right decisions at the right time and will improve your consistency, performance and your results. 

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