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Monthly Update - Sept 2023

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August's Exclusive Driver & Rider Topic Videos...

Last Month's Driver & Rider Topics...

Every week my driver and rider clients get an exclusive weekly topic video on a racing mental skills related topic - below is a summary of some of the ideas & takeaways and from this month's videos... 

Here's a brief summary of what we've been exploring last month..

8 Barriers to Mental Skills Performance

This video discussed 8 common barriers to success in racing. We start by addressing self-doubt and the significance of self-belief in achieving success. I highlighted the impact of mental noise, the constant internal narrative that can distract and hinder performance. We also discussed the 'barrier' of doing just enough to avoid failure, rather than striving for true success. We tackled the idea of perfection. Emotions were discussed as potential barriers to performance. I provided insights and strategies to overcome each barrier.

Sleep ...Again!

We discussed the importance of sleep and how it can significantly impact our performance in racing. I explored various studies that highlight the connections between sleep, gut health, and cognitive function. We explored the significance of tracking sleep quality and establishing optimal 'sleep windows' to enhance performance. We discussed chronotypes and how it affects your sleep performance. I discussed the relationship between HRV and sleep patterns. We looked at practical tips for achieving better sleep habits. 

Clarity & Vision

The video discussed the concept of clarity and its relevance to racing. I emphasized the importance of having a clear purpose, motivation, and reminder of one's goals in order to achieve success in racing. I highlighted the challenges of distractions and the need for visual reminders to stay focused and motivated. We explored tools to constantly reinforce your objectives and actions. 

The Disney Strategy

This video looked at the concept of "The Disney Strategy" for achieving goals and gaining clarity. This 'tool' involves three positions: the dreamer, the realist, and the critic. By working through each position and addressing challenges and possibilities, you can develop a step-by-step action plan to achieve your desired outcome. 

Showing Up vs showing up + Flow - introduction

This video discussed the concept of "showing up" versus "showing up" and began a series of videos on the idea of "flow state". We explored the components of flow, including focus, clear goals, challenge versus skills balance, time distortion, and enjoyment. I share anecdotes about drivers experiencing flow moments and how strangely starting from the back of the grid seems sometimes to lead to your best performances and a "flow state" and why this might occur.

Improve Your Racing Mental Skills & Results

Together with motorsportmind

Whether we've worked together before or this is your first time, don't let a loss of focus, or inability to deal with distractions, getting emotional, frustrated, angry, anxious or even just being inconsistent get in the way of delivering the performance you know you can give... 

Improving your mental skills will improve your resilience, your ability to focus, make the right decisions at the right time and will improve your consistency, performance and your results. 

Get started now by getting in touch, booking a discovery call and we can discuss your racing, your challenges and howimproving your mental skills in your racing can improve your performance and results.

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