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Monthly Update - Oct 2023

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Welcome to the new motorsportmind monthly update. Every month I'll send you an update on the topics that have been discussed in the exclusive driver and rider videos I do for my clients, plus updates and a FREE monthly topic video to help you improve your mental skills in your racing.

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September's Exclusive Driver & Rider Topic Videos...

Last Month's Driver & Rider Topics...

Every week my driver and rider clients get an exclusive weekly topic video on a racing mental skills related topic - below is a summary of some of the ideas & takeaways and from this month's videos... 

Here's a brief summary of what we've been exploring last month..

Flow Part 1

In this video we explore the concept of flow and its components. I introduce flow as a state of peak performance or being "in the zone" that can be experienced not just in racing, but also in various activities like music or gaming. I discuss the importance of having a balance between challenge and skill, as well as the merging of action and awareness. Throughout the episode, I highlights the nine qualities identified in "flow state" and hint at the tools that will be discussed in the next episode to enhance the chances of experiencing flow more frequently.

Flow Part 2

We explore the concept of flow state and its components. We discuss the balance between challenge and skills, the merging of action and awareness, and the importance of clarity of goals. I also emphasize the need for immediate and unambiguous feedback and the concentration on the task at hand. I highlight the 'paradox of control' in motorsport, where there are many variables and why focusing on oneself is key and seek valuable insights and tools to help achieve flow state in your racing performance.

False Beliefs and Doubts

This video explores the concept of false beliefs and doubts and how they can impact our self-belief. I challenge the notion of confidence and explain it's context-dependent and explain how a collection of positive beliefs can lead to true confidence. I also discuss the importance of questioning our own beliefs and seeking an objective perspective and encourage you to reflect on any false beliefs you may have and consider whether someone else would see the situation differently?

It's Not What You Think

This video explores the concept of mental noise and its impact on performance. I explain that mental noise is not just limited to "stress and nerves". I emphasize the importance of taking control of one's thoughts and maximizing thinking abilities to minimize mental noise and optimize performance and encourage you to think proactively and prepare yourselves to generate the least amount of mental noise possible.

Improve Your Racing Mental Skills & Results

Together with motorsportmind

Whether we've worked together before or this is your first time, don't let a loss of focus, or inability to deal with distractions, getting emotional, frustrated, angry, anxious or even just being inconsistent get in the way of delivering the performance you know you can give... 

Improving your mental skills will improve your resilience, your ability to focus, make the right decisions at the right time and will improve your consistency, performance and your results. 

Get started now by getting in touch, booking a discovery call and we can discuss your racing, your challenges and howimproving your mental skills in your racing can improve your performance and results.

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