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Monthly Update - May 2024

Hi Hope you're having a great week and a great month! 

Welcome to the latest motorsportmind monthly update. Every month I send out an update on the topics that have been discussed in the exclusive driver and rider videos I do for my clients, plus updates and a FREE monthly topic video to help you improve your mental skills in your racing.

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"Confidence vs Competence..."

Want to Improve Your Performance...?

Interested in developling your mental skills...?

If you'd like to re-start or get started improving your mental performance in your racing get in touch and we can discuss your racing, your challenges and how improving your mental skills in your racing can improve your performance and your results.

Last Month's Exclusive Driver & Rider Topic Videos...

Last Month's Driver & Rider Topics...

Every week my driver and rider clients get an exclusive weekly topic video on a racing mental skills related topic - below is a summary of some of the ideas & takeaways and from this month's videos... 

Here's some brief summaries of what we've been exploring last month..

Turning Down the "Gas"

We look at the "complicated" world of communication. Too often drivers and riders can experience the challenge of being essentially "gaslit" by their teams and then experience how hard it can be to reclaim their self-confidence when the blame is wrongly placed on them.


In this week's video, I take us into the magic of a single word—because—and how it can significantly amplify our ability to persuade others and boost our self-talk.

You Are a Superhero

I take us into a world of the superhero universe and reveal how drivers and riders can harness the transformative power of DC superheroes - no cape required!!

It's all about summoning your inner champion when it counts the most, whether it’s the starting line or the final lap.

3 Rules of Racing...

In this week's video, I look at some rules or principles that every racer should remember – what I call "The Three Rules of Racing"

I explore "these rules" and the importance of finishing, keeping it clean, and performing at your best to increase your chances of 'success' on your race weekend. 

Prefer To Listen...?

Check out the motorsportmind podcast - Every month you can watch the free topic mental skills in racing video to help you with your mental skills performance development in racing however you can now also listen to this video as a podcast 'on the go' - just visit the podcast page or search for "motorsportmind" on your favourite streaming service or podcast provider.

Improve Your Racing Mental Skills & Results

Together with motorsportmind

Whether we've worked together before or this is your first time, don't let a loss of focus, or inability to deal with distractions, getting emotional, frustrated, angry, anxious or even just being inconsistent get in the way of delivering the performance you know you can give... 

Improving your mental skills will improve your resilience, your ability to focus, make the right decisions at the right time and will improve your consistency, performance and your results. 

Get started now by getting in touch, booking a discovery call and we can discuss your racing, your challenges and howimproving your mental skills in your racing can improve your performance and results.

As always any thoughts or comments, let me know.

Have a really great month ahead !

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