Which is The Right Focus for Success in Racing ...?


I hope this blog finds you in high spirits and fuelling your passion for all things racing. In this edition of "inner racing," we explore a fascinating topic that has sparked many debates among racing enthusiasts. We'll delve into the distinction between performance and results, and discuss the idea of focusing on outcomes.

When it comes to motorsports, it's natural for us to focus on where we finish in a race. However, we challenge the notion that we are solely responsible for the outcome. Instead, our main responsibility should be on our performance.

Allow me to illustrate this with an example. Imagine being a karter in a grid with 40 other talented individuals. Competing in a tough field, factors you can't control might affect your race outcome. Other karters might be faster, or they could take you out during the race. You may end up with a lower ranking on the grid, even if you perform well, because of unexpected situations.

You're in the lead throughout the race, but just before the last corner on the final lap, you get knocked out. Focusing too much on the result might make us feel disappointed, unmotivated, and angry. It can also lead to making more mistakes if we carry our emotions from one race to another. However, prioritizing the outcome before the process is not the right approach.

Instead of fixating on the outcome, focus on your performance. To pave the way for success, dedicate yourself to enhancing your skills, techniques, and mental fitness. By focusing on these aspects, you establish a solid foundation. Success can be found in various outcomes, not just in winning or losing.

To enhance your thinking, try setting various levels of results for a weekend: okay, good, great, and amazing. This helps avoid a win/lose or pass/fail mindset. A great result for you might be a podium finish, whereas an amazing result could be coming out on top. A good result can vary depending on factors like the grid, circumstances, and more. Sometimes, simply crossing the finish line is considered a success.

We've learned that even in tough times, there's always something good. Every setback presents an opportunity for growth and learning. I encourage you to focus on the steps and progress that bring improvement, instead of pursuing specific results.

Remember, success in motorsports isn't solely about outperforming others. It's about continuously striving to improve yourself. By investing in self-improvement, you enhance your chances of achieving the desired results. This also allows you to be more adaptable and explore options beyond a binary choice.

Let's stop focusing only on whether something is a success or failure. Instead, let's see failures as valuable chances to learn. Even when you fail, there's always something to learn. It could be improving your driving skills or strengthening your mental toughness.

To truly unlock your potential, avoid comparing yourself to others. Invest your energy in self-growth and unleash your own unique strengths. Comparing yourself to others can slow down your progress and be unhelpful.

Furthermore, Challenge the notion of goals. Goals often hold a binary connotation – it's either you pass or fail, achieved or not. Instead, focus on continuously improving without the stress of strict pass or fail criteria. Set broad performance goals and establish specific targets within those goals.


Think about how "inner racing" can help you in your future races and weekends.
Focus on processes, performance, and personal growth. You will see your results improve naturally. 

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