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Exclusive Driver & Rider Topic Videos…

This Month’s Driver & Rider Topics…

Every week my driver and rider clients get an exclusive weekly topic video on a racing mental skills related topic – below is a summary of some of the ideas & takeaways and from this month’s videos…

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been discussing this month…

Fail to Improve?

The video discusses the concept of failure and its importance in improving performance. Failure is not a weakness but an opportunity to improve, and it is a strong motivator.

Physical Vs Mental

The video discusses the importance of mental and physical fitness and how they should be thought of in the same way. Just like physical fitness, mental fitness requires preparation and benchmarks to work towards. Waiting until a crisis to work on mental skills is not ideal.

Calm vs Relaxed

The video discusses two thought points based on recent conversations with drivers and riders. The first point is about the difference between being calm and being relaxed. Are they the same thing, perhaps being calm is about being in control while being relaxed is about feeling at ease? Perhaps focusing on achieving calmness first, then relaxation will follow?


This video talks about time management and suggests that we think of “time as a currency” that needs to be invested wisely to get a return. Always recommend making time for things rather than finding time, as finding time is “like a roll of the dice” and lastly, emphasizing the importance of structure and organization in managing time effectively.

2023 Updates:

1. Monthly Giveaways – New in 2023

Now when client driver and riders visit the weekly update and weekly video topic page they get the chance to enter into the monthly giveaway draw, at the end of the month a random winner from the entries receives $50 of motorsportmind merchandise of their choice.

2. EliteHRV – New in 2023

Expanding the use of HRV to help us manage our “state” – in 2023 you will be able to use the EliteHRV platform. EliteHRV are one of the leaders in HRV data and algorithms. EliteHRV lets us use easily obtainable heart rate chest strap to gather even more data about your individual stress and responses.

4. Firstbeat Life – Stress, Recovery, Sleep, HRV – New in 2023

After extensive trials with Firstbeat Life and being super impressed with their tech and the data and guidance you can get into your “state” as an official Firstbeat partner I’m offering it alongside the 2 current platforms for HRV depending on use case and the individual driver or rider.

The biggest benefit is the accuracy of the results and the fact that no there’s no time requirement for the user!

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